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The 10 Best Places To Live Considering Climate Change In 2023

The 10 Best Places To Live Considering Climate Change In 2023

The 10 Best Places To Live Considering Climate Change In 2023

Climate change is increasingly influencing where people choose to live as the impact of rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and sea-level rise becomes more pronounced. If you’re considering relocating to a place that offers a more resilient environment, here are ten of the best places to live in 2023, taking climate change into account.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is renowned for its environmental consciousness and proactive climate policies. The city’s mild climate, ample green spaces, and strong community focus on sustainability make it an attractive place to live. Portland has also invested heavily in renewable energy and green infrastructure.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison combines a low risk of natural disasters with a robust local economy and a high quality of life. The city’s commitment to sustainability, including extensive bike trails and renewable energy initiatives, makes it a forward-thinking choice for those concerned about climate change.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington boasts a cool climate, ample natural beauty, and strong environmental policies. The city has made significant strides in renewable energy, aiming for 100% renewable electricity, which reduces its carbon footprint and enhances resilience against climate change impacts.

Durham, North Carolina

Durham offers a moderate climate and lower vulnerability to extreme weather than coastal cities. The city also invests in green infrastructure and urban planning to increase its resilience. Durham’s growing tech and healthcare sectors add to its appeal.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is known for its cold winters, but this northern city is less prone to climate-related issues affecting other parts of the country. The city’s extensive park system, strong community focus on sustainability, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions make it a solid choice.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is a leader in sustainability, with numerous initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote green living. The city’s moderate climate, low risk of extreme weather events, vibrant cultural scene, and strong economy make it an attractive place to live.

Boise, Idaho

Boise offers a dry climate, reducing the risk of flooding and hurricanes. The city is proliferating, strongly emphasizing outdoor living and sustainability. Boise’s investments in renewable energy and green building practices enhance its appeal to climate-conscious residents.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is known for its environmental activism and progressive climate policies. The city’s location in the Rockies shields it from many climate risks, and its focus on renewable energy and sustainability initiatives makes it a resilient and desirable place to live.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville’s location in the Blue Ridge Mountains provides a buffer against extreme weather events. The city’s mild climate, commitment to sustainability, and vibrant arts scene make it a popular choice for those looking to escape climate-related risks.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh offers a temperate climate with a lower risk of natural disasters than coastal areas. The city invests in green infrastructure and sustainable urban planning, making it a forward-thinking choice for climate-conscious individuals.


Choosing a place to live that offers resilience against climate change is becoming increasingly important. The cities listed above are proactive in their sustainability and climate adaptation approaches, making them attractive options for those looking to minimize their environmental impact and enhance their quality of life. By considering climate resilience alongside other factors, you can find a place to call home that supports a sustainable and secure future.

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