What is a 2/1 Buydown?

Learn about a 2/1 Buydown and if it works for you!

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The lowdown on a 2/1 buydown….

Details of the 2/1 Buydown

It’s important to understand this is NOT an adjustable-rate mortgage. An adjustable-rate mortgage has an initial fixed period, then adjusts based on where the market is at that time. A 2/1 Buydown, the rate is fixed for the life of your loan, it starts 2% lower for the first year, then 1% lower for the second year. The third year and beyond it goes to your normal rate locked in before closing and stays that way as long as you have the loan

If rates drop in the future, you can always refinance out of the loan into a new one. If they continue to go up, your rate is locked in so it will not be impacted.

The 2/1 Buydown Mortgage Loan Process

  • The 2/1 buydown must be paid by the seller
  • In Year 1 your rate will be lower by 2%
  • In Year 2 your rate will be lower by 1%

What is a 2/1 Buydown?

To combat the recent changes in market interest rates, the 2/1 buydown was released to give buyers some breathing room until the market settles. This option is available on conventional mortgage loans, allowing a buyer to get a fixed-rate loan, starting at 2% lower for the first year and 1% lower for the second year. If the market drops, you can always refinance without prepayment penalties.

Invest wisely with a 2/1 buydown mortgage loan. Enjoy lower initial rates for two years, then transition to standard payments. It’s a strategic approach to homeownership that offers flexibility and savings. Contact us today to explore your options and secure your dream home.